“You’re taller than I thought you’d be.” (Explicit.)

“You’re taller than I thought you’d be,” Jerome muttered against Leonardo’s lips. His tongue brushed along Leonardo’s jaw line. 

In one smooth movement Leonardo used that height to his advantage. He leaned forward and rolled over, forcing Jerome on top of his legs as Leonardo made himself comfortable on the mattress. 

“Strong too.” Jerome grinned. He ran his hands over Leonardo’s chest and arms in appreciation. 

“It’s useful when it suits me.” Leonardo smirked. He cupped a hand around Jerome’s neck and brought him down for another kiss. Jerome moved down, nipping and licking Leo’s neck, leaving a mark. Leonardo nearly stopped him, a jolt of fear rushing through him. 

What if someone sees and asks? What do I say? They’ll ask whichever lady I say and the court gossips will run rampant.

But he relaxed slowly with the knowledge that he was safe and free at last. He could do this and no one would be able to point fingers at Leonardo in accusation. It was an aphrodisiac like no other. He could almost feel all of his blood rushing to his member.

Leonardo reared up, hands clasped around Jerome’s shoulders and dragged him close. He licked his way into the other man’s mouth and bit at his plump lower lip. Jerome let out a low groan and threaded his fingers into Leonardo’s hair. 

Sliding his hands down Jerome’s back Leonardo felt his defined and appealing musculature. “Take your clothes off.” 

“I will if you will,” Jerome grinned and dragged his shirt over his head. Leonardo blinked. 

In addition to having a well defined physique the man was also decorated in many ink drawings. Absently, Leonardo traced the swooped line of the wing of a soaring hawk. It didn’t smear under his thumb.

“This is beautiful,” he murmured. “I’ve never seen the like…” 

“Tattoos?” Jerome smiled. “Yeah I guess they weren’t high fashion back then huh? Basically everyone has them now. I think Harm and Kami’s kid is thinking about getting her first pretty soon.”

Leonardo leaned forward and drew his tongue over the lines. There was no difference in the taste of his skin between the gold and ruddy lines and his soft black skin. He could have traced it all the way down to his hips.

“I bet you’d look great with one. Like a big eagle over your shoulder blades,” Jerome sighed as Leonardo’s hands moved lower. “Or ah- You could have a lion, like your name. Oh!”

Leonardo rolled his hips into Jerome’s and they both gasped. “Gods, it’s your turn to get naked. Shirt, off.” 

Leonardo smiled slightly and leaned up to undo the buttons on the shirt he picked that morning. Jerome’s eyes were bright and eager as he tossed it aside. He leaned down and kissed his way down Leo’s chest. Leonardo closed his eyes and leaned back as Jerome undid the clasps on his pants and dragged them down, before letting out a bark of laughter. 

“Comando? I never would have guessed.” His warm breath ghosted over the thin flesh of Leonardo’s hip bone, followed by a sting as he scraped his teeth over it.

“I’ve no idea what you mean,” Leonardo sighed. He threaded his fingers through Jerome’s short hair, subtly nudging him towards Leonardo’s cock. Jerome laughed against him again, playfully moving over to Leonardo’s inner thigh. 

“Lord, you are pushy. I bet there are academics who would kill to know.” He licked a broad stripe upwards but deferred at the last moment. Leonardo groaned.

“You’re such a tease-” He cut himself off before the name Salai could fall off his lips. 

“It’s not everyday you can get one over on the Renaissance Man. Let me up,” Jerome said. Leonardo let his hands fall to Jerome’s shoulders, tracing the defined line of his collarbone while Jerome busied himself with getting rid of his trousers, kicking them off and tossing them off the bed. 

Leonardo’s breath caught in his chest and he ran his hands down Jerome’s torso, over his waist and hovered over the other man’s cock. 

“May I?” 

Jerome nodded and Leonardo wrapped his hand around him, drawing out a low moan from him. Leonardo grinned and ran his thumb around the head, causing Jermone to shudder and buck. 

“I considered publishing an entire pamphlet on a study of the penis,” he informed Jerome, tightening his grip and stroking upwards. Leonardo grinned at him. “I ran many practical experiments to learn what exactly gained the most rewarding reactions.”

Jerome was shifting on top of him, breathing heavily but smiling. “Lucky experiments. What else did you learn?” 

Leonardo gestured to the bed. “Lay down.” 

Jerome was as eager a lover as Leoanrdo had ever had. He turned over onto his back and watched Leonardo situated himself down, between his legs. It felt nice, to be desired. It had been so long for Leonardo, but his body remembered the actions, taking Jerome’s cock all the way to the back of his throat. 

Jerome arched up with a loud groan and buried his fingers in Leonardo’s hair, pulling hard. “Ah fuck!” Leonardo backed off and drew his tongue along the underside, then dipped back down to suck hard. 

He knew that this was an effective way of bringing another man quickly to the end and waited until Jerome was gasping unsteadily and then slowly backed off again, smirking when Jerome whimpered and pulled on his hair again. 

“You are the most unbelievable tease,” he gasped out.

Leonardo brushed his lips over the crown and smiled absently. “Am I?” 

Jerome groaned. “Do you want me to beg?”

“Shall I beg maestro?”

Salai’s brown eyes were heavily lidded as he knelt on the bed, naked. “I know you like me like this.” He reared back and posed the same way he’d been all afternoon, gesturing to Heaven above. “Why else why would keep me like this for six hours? I think I saw Guiliano touching himself to me.”

Leonardo strode forward, inflamed. “You’re the tempter,” he murmured along the crescent of skin along his shoulder. He reached down and gripped Salai’s cock tightly, making him hiss and squirm.

Leonardo blinked, shivering. It felt like he’d suddenly sunk into deep water, unexpectedly.  Jerome was looking at him oddly. “Are you alright?” 

“I- Si. I’m fine. Lay back,” he told him, still shaking off the clinging spirit. “I want to see you finish,” he breathed. 

Jerome cast him one more glance before laying back. Leonardo wrapped his hand around his cock, still slick and stroked slowly, thumb swiping over the slit, focusing, watching intently as Jerome groaned and thrashed. He held his hips in place, controlling the pace to draw it out as long as Jerome could bear it. 

Leonardo had always found something very satisfying about controlling his bedmates pleasure, teasing out the reactions and carefully observing. He’d noted in the past that the same expression ecstasy was also the expression of profound torment.

Jerome was now proving that, his spine arched back while he gripped with bedding with shredding pressure. His mouth was open, lips flushed and face tightened up as strove up to his climax. Leonardo saw the moment he could no longer bear it, his breath catching as Jerome’s cock jerked in his grip. 

“Oh fuck!” Jerome squirmed restlessly under him as Leonardo finished him off, fingers slick. He was still panting as Leonardo leaned down to kiss him quickly. “Gods man. Where in the hell did you learn to do that?” 

Leonardo grinned and shrugs. “Observation.” Practice

Jerome shared his smile and gripped his arm tightly to pull him down. “Well it’s your turn now.” Leonardo laid on his side and breathed deeply as Jerome grabbed his cock in turn, his wrist twisting up and down in a pace so quick it set Leonardo racing to his end. 

It’d been so long, years and years from Leonardo’s perspective, but his body remembered it so well. Soon Leonardo was shuddering and Jerome’s hand was covered, prompting a startled gasp. 

Leonardo was still trying to catch his breath as Jerome fished around for his clothing. He pulled on the short cotton pants and then hesitated. 

“I’m expected on duty and Mags takes that seriously but maybe we can…” he trailed off.

“Would you like to come see me tomorrow? In the interest of hospitality?” Leonardo offered with a smile. Jerome started then began to laugh. 

“Hospitality? Make you comfortable in the 31st century? Yeah, I guess I should then.” Jerome smiled and blew a kiss before slipping back out the door.

Leonardo loved this century.             

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