Currently writing a long, long web serial that had a simple concept, “How funny would it be to write a conversation between King Richard the Third, Leonardo da Vinci, and Maximilien Robespierre?” and exploded into a multilayered, many character’d, way-too-many-subplots extravaganza. Now it’s more about how history is viewed, how people can shape an event that already happen with just they way they treat it.

With horror? Admiration? Respect? Or is it just forgotten in the long wasteland of human existence, a bleached skeleton without even the buzzards for company?

Readers can expect fast and loose sci-fi, the metaverse, queer romance, talking dogs, and if it can be managed, the kitchen sink. (Also, whatever goes on in the ‘Juicy Bits‘ tab.)

Updates weekly on Fridays until complete or Author Existence Failure, whichever comes first.

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