England, London, 1461.

England, London, 1461. Richard looked up at his brother Edward, who smiled as he laid the flat of the sword on his shoulder. “Thus, I dub thee Richard duke of Gloucester, Knight of the Garter, and Knight of the Order of the Bath. You may rise, Duke of Gloucester.” Richard, careful not to let any … Continue reading England, London, 1461.

France, Paris, 1775.

France, Paris, 1775. In the darkened dormitory, Maximilien watched the droplets on the window pane race each other to the bottom. Thunder crashed overhead and made the lamps flicker slightly. Across from him, Camille shivered, nose nearly pressed to his own book. He looked up at Max, and his mouth quirked slightly. “D-done a-a-already?” Max … Continue reading France, Paris, 1775.

Italy, Florence, 1500.

Italy, Florence, 1500 Leonardo considered the composition, leaning back and frowning. Behind him there was a loud sigh. Leonardo ignored it, trying to focus on the shapes and shadows in front of him. If he focused carefully, he could nearly see the bone structure that made up the women’s face, neck and shoulders. Something bothered … Continue reading Italy, Florence, 1500.