6/30/2020: Engaged

A/N: This is very much a in-joke, just for me.

Khark rested his chin on his staff and sighed. 

“You know what I miss the most about earth?” He asked idly. Tess was flipping through a newly acquired book, it’s pages crumbling even as she coughed at the dust.



Tess and Ber both stopped to look at him.

“Really?” Ber drawled. “Not the sun on the bay, or the sounds of birds in the forest, Sebith forbid!” He raised his hands, grinning.

Khark flipped his heels over his head and balanced on the stop of his staff. “No. I have all of that here. But trying to translate the delicate cross platforming of mutating a phrase or image until it’s a dadsist mess is goddamn impossible.”

Tess and Ber glanced at one another. “That’s… a fair point.”

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